Temenos Retreat Center forest enchantment

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Temenos Retreat Center is the Perfect Place for:

showers, birthdays,
family reunions, memorial services

Day meetings and corporate rentals,board meetings, inservices, team building,
college programs

Concerts, classes, musicians and
artist retreats, quilt
and fiber arts groups,
dance groups

Men’s and women’s groups, silent programs, personal growth groups, campus ministry groups, church groups,
youth groups

Personal retreats

Drumming circles, sacred circles, yoga, massage, meditation, wellness programs, nutrition and cooking, nature programs


This is the perfect place for quiet,
joy, community, laughter, focus, solitude, peace.


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Situations are searching for for fall: Then it's time for your Greylock Walk

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MARQUETTE, Kan. KSNW - While many Kansans speak in tanks to engage in water sports and float in the summer, it's really special about Kanopolis State Park is available all year round. "We have caves and stream crossings and beaver dams," said resource efficiency staffer Wendy Bowles. In the end, Bowles knows the landscape effectively. For 28 years she closely followed the technique of the Kanopolis National Park route. "There is a handicap walk," said Bowles. "We have two hiking trails on the fish ponds and there is a beginner's bike ride." Almost 30 kilometers in total, including the state's largest horseback ride. In the process, you'll see wildflowers and desert crops, and ferns in the rainforest - even Smoky Mountain Boots western boots in westernbootsi delirious grapes and sandy plums. Plus, lots of wild animals! "We have a hairless eagle nest area that has been producing seven for four years," said Bowles. If lovers of dynamics do not want to wander the trails, they are able to generate the musical trail legacy. It is actually a carefully guided vehicle tour on the Kanopolis Pond, 29 famous websites of more than 75 kilometers. The most popular areas are probably Faris Caves. A shorter walk in the path reveals some empty artificial caves with a miner from the 1880s. "The roof has an arch in it, and you can start to see the scars in the resources he used," said local historian Rick Dreary, who called himself "The Rubbish". It corresponds to the element, wearing shoes or high boots, a jacket, a bandanna and a big, shady hat. He claims that the miner resided in the caves for a long time, making a chimney to obtain a wood oven.

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Temenos Retreat Center | 1564 Telegraph Road (Route 162), West Chester, PA 19382